March Camera Roll

Work outfit selfies, back when work outfits didn’t involve tracksuit bottoms.

Weekends out an about in Manchester <3 Missing the luxury and normality of that right now.

My last visit to the local, at least this little man was there <3

The first day of WFH….

I dug out a 2000pc jigsaw from the ‘cupboard of doom’ in our flat, and I WILL complete it.

Getting those country walks in while they were an ok thing to do.

Lets hope this puzzle will be finished in next months camera roll!

Sorry that this month seems pretty boring, but it really has been. Work has been CRAZY trying to react to what’s going on globally and be strategic going forward. And obviously we can’t really get out and do anything cool or go anywhere of interest at the moment, so you can expect a lot more where this came from for the foreseeable I think. I need to suss out how to take cool photos inside at home… watch this space?

If you are feeling lonely or need a chat, my comments and DMs are always open. I know it’s hard.

Hope you are all ok.


K x