Manifesting the new year you want

Sunrise fields


Don’t worry, I’m not going to teach you about the law of attraction and how you can simply manifest your way to your dream life. Because I truly don’t believe that manifesting- in that sense- is a thing. There is so much more to manifesting goals than ‘think it and you shall receive’. Hard work, good sense, and a focused mindset, to me, are the trio to successful manifesting. 


January is a fresh start and a great time to clear your mind, start fresh and focus on what your goals are for the coming year, and how you want to achieve them. Personally, I love to start a new notebook for the year, write down my goals for the years and also for the next 5 and 10 years, whether you think they are realistic or not, because you never know what ideas can spin from letting your mind wander.


One exercise I love to do at the start of the year is sit down and write down a list of how I would love to spend my days if money were no option. It’s surprising the things that come to mind sometimes. Once that list is in front of me, I go through and highlight 5 things that are realistically achievable this year. If those are the goals I’m happy with it’s then time to start breaking them down in to actionable smaller goals, what steps need to be in okay to get there. For example, if one of your goals this year is to buy a house, action plans to move toward that would be to find a mortgage adviser, start viewings to figure out what you want, set out a savings plan and analyse your outgoings, etc. Each of those actions bring you one step closer to achieving your goal.


Vision boards are also something thrown around on instagram at this time of year, full of fancy sports cars, sprawling mansions and designer handbags. I don’t think that super materialistic board is particularly helpful, as to me it can often act as a reminder of what I don’t have, or feel like those things are way too far removed from my reality. However don’t get me wrong, vision boards on the whole are not a write off, they are super useful tools to help manifest the things you truly want in life, and keep them in the forefront of your mind day after day. Although I like to thing of broader things outside of the materialistic classics. Maybe a blank schedule to symbolise being in control of my own time, or a certain style aesthetic to really hone in on my personal style and capsule wardrobe, or even countryside fields to symbolise making more time for peace.


All that considered, I think it’s definitely possible to manifest goals for the year you want for 2023, and it isn’t at all an airy fairly thing to be doing. Let’s get goal setting!


K x