Lockdown Looks. Week 1.

weekday neutral cardigan and houndstooth leggings weekday neutral cardigan and houndstooth leggings work from home style

oversized corduroy shirt work from home fashion





Welcome to my new blog series ‘Lockdown Looks’, where I thought I’d gather a round-up of my weekly looks throughout (yet another) lockdown. Now, I’m sure you understand that everyday is really  not an outfit-picture kind of day during lockdown. Especially on those dark winter mornings where all you want to do is stay in your pyjamas, and with no where to go, sometimes that’s exactly what we do. Like a lot of people, I am working from home currently and unfortunately am not the type of person that can work in pyjamas/ from bed/ from the sofa, I really need to get dressed and sit at a desk- otherwise I will just sleep, basically. So anyway, as I was saying, I thought I’d start  posting a few outfits a week and document my lockdown style. My style feels like it’s evolved over the past year and who knows if that is a temporary change or will stick with me forever, but what I do know is that we need elasticated waistbands in this climate! Anyway, I thought this series would be a bit of fun and light-hearted content, and also hopefully motivate me to try and wear different things from my wardrobe rather than the same few things on repeat- who’s guilty? I actually feel like I’ve found a bit of a groove in my lockdown style so I want to keep that momentum going. Hope you like it!



Look 1:

Houndstooth slit back leggings (Zara- out of stock)

Merino Wool Turtle Neck (Uniqlo)

Oversized slouchy cardigan (Weekday- similar here)



Look 2:

Oversized Corduroy Shirt (Zara)

Ribbed turtle neck (ASOS)

Seamless Sports Leggings (H&M)


mom jeans and beige turtleneck off-white converse lockdown style

lockdown style bra neutral beige knitted lounge set



Look 3:

Merino Wool Turtle Neck (Uniqlo)

Oversized slouchy cardigan (Weekday- similar here)

Mom Jeans (Weekday)

Off-white Chuck Taylors (Converse)


Look 4:

2 Piece Knitted Loungewear Set (Zara Top & Bottom)


Look 5:

Powder Blue Hoody (Weekday)

Grey Coat (Weekday)

Knitted Joggers (H&M)

Off-white Chuck Taylors (Converse)

Beanie (Topshop- v old, similar here)

grey weekday coat lockdown style beanie off white converse and knitted lounge trousers


And there we have my lockdown style for week 1! As I write this I’ve already got most of my week 2 looks in the bag too, so keep your eyes peeled and let me know which your favourites are!


K x


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