Letting Myself Dream Big for 2020

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I’m a big fan of ‘fresh starts, clearing your mind and moving forward to achieve whatever it is you want. Getting organised and feeling like the world is your oyster. And moving into a new decade feels like that, but x100. It’s big. My uni girls and I sat down a couple of weeks back for our annual Christmas dinner and we all got a bit nostalgic about the last decade. Sitting there round the table in our mid-twenties, it was clear that the closing decade was the decade for ‘us’. The decade for our education, and focussing on friendships. And it was quickly coming to an end. It dawned on us all that we were all about to enter a decade that will most likely focus on us all settling down and having families. Obviously I know that isn’t the case for everyone, but for a lot of us, it is still reality. And damn don’t us women know it that our time is ticking. So 2020 motivation is something I quickly ramped up towards the end of December, and although I’m not planning on sharing a concrete list of goals, I’ve written a few down, and wanted to share the general consensus of what I want this year in this post..

2020 motivation goalsYou know what, it sounds scary , but as I breeze through the first week of being 26, I’m actually so ready for that next stage in my life. And by that I do not mean babies! I do hope I can have children one day, but there will be no pitter-patters happening in my world for a good few years yet. I just simply cannot wait to buy a house of my own and get settled into my own little family with Luke (hopefully a puppy will come into our lives in the next couple of years..). I’m manifesting it right here that 2020 will be the year that Luke and I move into our first bought home together. 2020 motivation is in full swing!

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2020 motivation dreaming big

It’s about more than just goals and resolutions for me this time around. I’m finally letting myself dream big. The thing is, my head is always full. Night, day, at work, on holiday. Whatever the weather, my brain is ticking over and over analysing something. I’m an avid over thinker, and honestly, I’m an over feeler too. Which means I’ve always got some kind of guard up around myself, even if that be with my own goals, because I just don’t want to feel like a failure. My gut has always told me certain things about my life, and where I need to be to make myself truly happy, and 2020 is the year I have realised the fire burning in me to push forward and make myself proud. I’m not going to be afraid to dream big any more, as I’ve realised that failure isn’t the end of the world (thanks Elizabeth Day!), and the best thing I can do to reach my goal, is try my bloody hardest!

Cheers to the roaring 20’s!


K x