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I’ve been in the market for a new thick winter jacket to take the place of my trusty old aviator jacket, which I’ll still keep as I love that style, but I’ve had it for a good three years now and worn it to death, so I really think my wardrobe needed an update in that department. Enter the corduroy/borg beauty that is my new jacket. I must say it was love at first sight. I spotted it online and had to go in store the next day and try it on for size. As soon as I felt it I knew it had to be mine.

Initially I thought it was a little pricey at £69, and couldn’t really justify it when Christmas present buying season is creeping up on us. So I walked away empty handed and tried to forget about it until payday.  But I failed miserably and went back and bought it the next morning. I haven’t found a piece that I’ve fallen in love with like this in ages. You know one of those pieces that you cannot stop thinking about? Irrationally? That was this jacket for me. I was genuinely scared that it was going to go out of stock and I’d have missed my chance. It would all become a distant memory and the dream could never be a reality. So I dragged my bum back down to Topshop in the Arndale and bought it.

I’m usually much stricter and more rational, like ‘I’ll wait until payday’ kinda style, but not when it came to this. And boy am I glad. I’ve genuinely worn it every day since I bought it almost 2 weeks ago. No shame. The reason I have no shame is this is what fashion should be about. I discussed it as part of my sustainability post here, that clothes are something to be loved and cherished, and make you excited to wear them. So it’s important you select pieces for your own wardrobe that do that for you.

Outfit: Jacket- Topshop, T-shirt- Topshop, Jeans- Zara, Trainers- Converse, Bag- Celine (Similar), Sunglasses- Ray Ban

topshop cord jacket

topshop corduroy sherpa jacket

topshop corduroy jacket

The more I’ve worn this jacket, the more I’ve patted myself on the back for my decision. And naturally I wanted to share the love with you guys and so here we have my edit of the best cord jackets on the market right now, including the bright red version of the one I’m wearing which is INSANE for Christmas and I really want it, but my colouring would just not work with it, I’m very jealous of anyone who can pull that off.

Shop My Top Corduroy Jacket Picks:

topshop sherpa lined jacket

topshop cord jacket


December is (hopefully) going to be the month in which I invest in some corduroy jeans too, as I think they will be such a classic piece that I will wear so much winter after winter. So maybe I’ll do a part two edit on this trend once I’ve found the pair. Also, I just want to shoutout my new iPhone XR as I shot all these pics on there and I’m so pleased with how they turned out, I never thought I’d see the day where I could shoot blog pics on my phone! Some are a bit grainy on the detail, but I kinda like it, and played against the depth of field and sharpness of portrait mode it looks pretty great. I will definitely still be using my Olympus for the most part, but I love that my phone is finally an option when I can’t take any camera out. Hopefully it will also mean more content!!


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