Appreciating the Little Things for a Happier Life

English village high street English countryside river walkway English countryside greenery MAKES US HAPPIER


It’s easy to get fixated on the big things in our life, big plans we have, big holidays we might be looking forward to, big career moments, big life changes that we are working towards. And in that the little things can often get lost, we float past them like they were just a time filler. I know I have definitely been guilty of this way too much in the past, especially with the guilt I can feel so often if I’m ever not doing something  ‘productive’, which I’ve always struggled with, and written about a bit more in this post. However since lockdown, and particularly throughout 2021, I’ve tried to really re-align my thoughts to appreciate those small moments and really appreciate the little things in life. Honestly, I’ve never been happier.


As I do every week, I was listening to the Diary of a CEO podcast last week, actually catching up with some older episodes that I missed over Christmas, and something that was said really resonated with me, more than anything has in a long time. It was Mark Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, who was discussing the difference between Highs and Happiness. He was saying how it took him a really long time to distinguish between the two. Those big moments, the big holidays, the big career achievements, the big life events, the big purchases, they are all highs in life. Great, great highs, that are always working towards, and that we all see plastered all over over social media feeds. But those highs they don’t trigger happiness. The high of buying that Chanel Flap bag will only last so long, it won’t actually make you happier. Manson went on to say that true Happiness is actually quite boring, it is sitting at home on the sofa and being 100% content with the person sitting next to you, the life that you are in, and who you are. I was listening along in the car feeling quite emotional, because that happiness is something that I have already got, and I feel so, so grateful for it everyday, partly because I definitely never thought I would be in this position when I was growing up.


The small moments in our daily lives are the ones that make us appreciate the happiness we are lucky enough to have harvested. The weekend walks in the fresh air, the movie nights on the sofa cuddled up to someone you love, the joy of coming home to your dog who is almost keeling over in excitement to see you. Those are the moments that make us happy. We should all be cherishing those in the same way we cherish and appreciate boarding a plane to an exotic holiday. The highs are a bonus if we are lucky enough to get there, but we can all be truly happier if we appreciate those little things in life each day.


K x