June Camera Roll

English Bulldogs

Always dog sitting. They loved the view.

Happy to finally get the Birkenstock’s back out.

Pretty summer skies and palm trees (in Manchester!).

The happy couple.

I planned a surprise trip to Go Ape at Rivington for Luke’s birthday. Such a glorious day.

Got a bit snap happy and fancied myself as a bit of a tourist walking through town.

Added a crochet bag to my collection and, as you can tell, am thrilled that it matches my off white jeans. Winning.

Continued being snap happy which was clearly exhausting, so I sat and read by book under a tree. Loving life.

Last minute holiday outfit planning occurred.

And then for the end of June I went on my summer holiday with the girls! We ate incredible food and drank litres of sangria in Tenerife and it was magnificent. I am however back to reality with a bang and not having so much fun.

All in all June was pretty fabulous and for that I am so grateful. How was yours?


K x