January Camera Roll

Had a lovely chilled New Year celebration with some friends and family to kick off the month.

















Luke and I headed to Edinburgh on the 2nd for a few days to explore the city and celebrate me turning the big 2-6. It was incredible but I won’t go on about it too much, if you fancy seeing more check out my Edinburgh camera Roll here.

Luke started wearing a bandana for some reason.

My lunch time canal walks became a regular thing again as I got on with the New Year.

Some gorgeous sunlight on gorgeous building in Manchester.

My uni girls and I met up for our annual gathering in January and had the most heartwarming wholesome weekend in the countryside.

Come on, what would a monthly camera roll be from me without a sunset sky pic?

Babs and Bertie turned 2!

Luke’s life was made when he got his hands on some Giant Flamin’ Hot Wotsits. He has waited years for this moment, and oh does it show.

And that’s a wrap on January! A great start to the year which is a great feeling! How was your January?


K x