It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

boohoo dress

Zara leather jacket

boohoo dressfestive boohoo dress

I have no idea how, but tomorrow is the last day of November. Everybody say’s it, and I think it’s a sign of getting old, but seriously… WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE? 2017 has seriously flashed before my eyes. It feels like only last week that I went to Barcelona, but nope, that was 6 months ago! I’ve only just gotten used to writing ‘2017’ in my diary… 2018 seems far too futuristic to be reality doesn’t it?

Enough of the time-warp-talk. Before we get to 2018, we have the most wonderful time of the year (now, I hope you sang that like I did!). I’ve already mentioned my general Christmas excitement in recent posts about why I bloomin’ love winter here, but I feel like now that December is pretty much upon us, is really is the time to focus on the festivities. December is, hands down, my favourite time of the year, even repetitive days at work suddenly fill up with countless events. So far I’ve got a desk decorating competition, Christmas bake sales, Christmas jumper day (x2!), Secret Santa, the office Christmas Dinner, the big-fat-office Christmas Quiz, and of course the infamous Office Christmas party to look forward to. And that’s just at my 9-5 alone! I’m not 100% on how I’m going to keep up with my diary next month, and shop for all my Christmas presents, and actually get work done, but I’m so freakin’ excited!

boohoo dressboohoo dress

boohoo dress

The lovely team at Boohoo turned me into a real life sass-queen emoji with this party dress, which conveniently doubles as a top, who’d of thought it?! I couldn’t help but team this piece with a bold red lip, and then of course I was feeling all of the christmassy vibes. And thus this all-things-Christmas blog post was born. In all honesty, I was a little bit scared of this dress at first, as I used to be seriously against wearing red, all down to the trials and tribulations of being a red-head. But I’ve got to be honest, I’m really feeling this combo, I think somehow it works better now that I have shorter hair. The leather gives the whole vibe a bit of an edge, and all-in-all I think I’m converted, for Christmas at least.

boohoo dress

 boohoo dress

boohoo red dress

Please tell me you’re all as excited about your festive schedules as I am? Let me know if your work go as crazy (good crazy) as mine do! By the way, I’m on a hunt for above mentioned office Christmas party dress, I might turn it into a Wishlist post if I’m successful, but any suggestions are welcome!

K x