Investing in Wardrobe Staples

Investing in Wardrobe Staples


Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend been? I’ve lapping up the opportunity to cosy up in my PJs because WOW has it gotten cold all of a sudden! Anyway enough of my British weather chat and on with today’s post…Investing in wardrobe staples!

Over the past 18 months I’ve really changed by buying habits pretty dramatically. Obviously we all know now that sustainability is more important than ever, and we would be silly to not be considering that when buying new clothes. I’ve written posts in the past about ways in which we can do our bit for the environment, and fashion in-particular here & here. As I’ve moved towards buying better, and less, I’ve noticed that I really LOVE the pieces in my wardrobe now, in comparison to that quick love affair that I used to experience with pieces I would buy so impulsively from fast fashion e-tailers in years gone by.

It’s such a lovely refreshing feeling to look through your wardrobe and see item after item that you’d love to wear, and can’t wait to wear again. As opposed to the classic ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ sags which haunted me for so many years. So, I thought I would pop a post together about which areas I would definitely recommend investing in throughout your wardrobe if you’re looking to up your quality game, or at least which prices are a good place to make a start.


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You might have seen on my instagram that I got a pair of Dr. Martens for Christmas, and I haven’t taken them off yet (pretty much). I’ve wanted a pair for a long old time, but could never justify forking out that price tag, which is a pretty hefty one for me. So when I got a pair for Christmas I was thrilled (although not completely surprised, as I told everyone I wanted them).


Before getting my docs I had been trudging around in a cheap suedette pair from Topshop, which are obviously a fashion item rather than a practical one. They looked fine, but the sole snapped in half within weeks of owning them, leaving me with soggy socks and cold feet on far too many occasions for my liking. I’ve worn them almost every day for the month I’ve had them and they still look like new, but have totally moulded to the shape of my feet which is awesome and makes them the comfiest option in my wardrobe right now. I can honestly say they have changed my life and I would never go back to cheap boots ever again now that I have felt the benefit of these.

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One of the reasons why winter styling, for me, is the best. Coats have the ability to transform an outfit from pretty something pretty plain, to something smart and well put together, and even a bit extra.

Finding a well-cut coat that fits your body and style well is pure gold, and is an investment we should all be making for at least one staple coat in our winter wardrobe. Not only will a better quality coat be one that actually does it’s sole purpose better, i.e. keep you genuinely warm, but it will also be a piece that drapes over your body and make you feel instantly confident in the piece you are outwardly showing to the world.

Investing a bit more money into a good quality coat will add a piece to your wardrobe that will be with you for years and years, if not forever. Also, If you’re concerned about the price tag compared to a cheaper version that you might normally gravitate towards each winter, just think if it lasts you just 5x as long as the cheaper option, the cost per wear is probably actually much less. As is the carbon footprint of the product. And it looks, and feels, better. Like I said at the start of this post, smart shopping is more important now than it ever has been, and buying better, less, is a big step towards changing those pesky fast-fashion buying habits.
Investing in Wardrobe StaplesInvesting in Wardrobe Staples



I know I already said that coats are my favourite part about winter fashion, but knitwear is such a close second. Knitwear is one of my true loves of fashion, and always the pieces I end up buying even when I’ve put myself on as spending ban and my bank balance hates me. My winter uniform is jeans and a good knit (with a big coat on top), so in many ways this love affair is very justified. Right?

The best thing about knits is when you find a beauty that washes well, over and over again, giving you winter after winter of cosy layers. And, speaking from experience, that lasting power does not come with the cheaper knits. Now, I’m not saying spend hundreds on every jumper you buy. But the main thing to do is check the composition. As a rule of thumb, avoid buying acrylic based knits and your jumpers will last a lot better, and will feel and look better too.



Investing in Wardrobe StaplesInvesting in Wardrobe Staples






Personally, I am still living vicariously through other people who can justify spending hundreds of pounds on a bag. But if I had the money to do so, I really would invest in my bags. I’m definitely more of a bag girl than a shoe girl, and regularly drool over other people’s bags on instagram.

Something about a sturdy and beautifully constructed bag draped over someone’s shoulder just oozes class and has the power to take an outfit from a 5 to a 10. Also from a practicality note, bags have to be made from quality materials to do their job for a decent amount of time, especially if you want them to still look nice while doing so. I’m speaking from experience when I say there is nothing worse than the contents of your bag rolling onto the side of the road because your flimsy pleather strap snapped out of the seam of the bag. spend a bit more and it will serve you so much better.

Also it’s worth bearing in mind how much of an investment designer bags can actually be when they are looked after. Rarely a waste of money.
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So that’s that, why I think we should be investing in wardrobe staples, and which pieces are key. My wardrobe is by no means perfect, but the last couple of years have definitely seen a strong shift in my shopping habits,  and I’m excited to see what pieces will be added to my wardrobe in 2020.

What are your favourite pieces that you’ve invested in so far in your wardrobe?


K x