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Life has been particularly busy (to say the least) for me over the past couple of months. Family events, friends’ birthdays, work commitments, Drake concerts (just sayin’), the lot. If I’m honest, I’m really not sure where 2017 has gone so far, especially February, I swear it literally lasted about 3 days! Am I right or am I right? Anyway, this may be the reason why my posts have been a litttttttle bit thin on the ground in Feb/March so far, and it’s something I am fully aware of… as I’m missing my blog! I’ve barely been taking any photos, I feel like I really have not had any ‘me time’ to sit down and edit photos, brainstorm ideas, or write anything, let alone read anyone else’s blogs *sad face*. This whole polava of life right now has been reflected in my pretty desolate instagram account too, after getting into such good habits and bloody LOVING the beautiful little app for the entirety of January *sobs*.

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camel coat asos

Taking all of the above into consideration, my goal for spring is to get back on it. On it, I tell you. I’m already pushing myself professionally, I want to start pushing myself physically (i.e. stop eating pizza and start working out, any tips on how to actually do that are very welcome), and finally I’m going to be pushing myself right here, on ze’ blowwwgggg. This little community makes me happy, you guys reading this make me happy, and I know I feel so much better in myself when I get out and, take photos, write posts, and connect with you all. I need to just do it more often (excuse the nike strapline). So that’s what I’m going to do.

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So on this very special day, here’s to being a #GIRLBOSS and only ever relying on yourself. Let’s all get our sh*t together and listen to Destiny’s Child, or Gangsta Rap- whatever floats your boat. Or just listen to some DC/ GR and chill if you are a superwoman who’s sh*t is already very much together. Unfortunately that’s not me yet.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

K x


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