The ‘Lucky Girl’ trend

The Lucky Girl Trend Madeinthe1990s


Yes, it’s true, I’m a lucky girl. Or at least that’s what I’m repeating to myself on the daily this year. Over the new year I saw a TikTok video of two girls sat in their car waiting noodles- stay with me, I do have a point I promise- and they were talking about how good things always happen to them as they truly believe that they are naturally lucky girls. The video exploded with hundreds of others chiming in with their experiences of the same thing. Is it crazy?

The law of attraction has been huge for years now, and practicing gratitude and manifestation also seem to be becoming more and more of a ‘thing’ online. It all ties into the notion of building your dream life and keeping your mindset positive. The Lucky girl trend is essentially a fusion of the law of attraction and gratitude practices. The idea is to outwardly say ‘I am so lucky, everything alway’s works out for me’ at multiple times throughout every day. This, in theory,  reinforces signals to the universe that you are in-fact lucky and things should always work out in your favour. The other side of the lucky girl trend that plays out is that if you regularly tell yourself this mantra, and truly believe it, then it helps with your overall positivity and motivation- in day to day life, and also in bigger picture goal setting. Why not reach for the starts and push yourself to work towards that thing you’ve always dreamed of? After all, you’re lucky and everything always works out for you!

What do you think of the lucky girl trend?I am generally very sceptical of these trends when they pop up, but as you might have seen in my recent post about Manifestation, I am trying to keep a positive mindset in my focus this year. Will you be giving the lucky girl trend a go? What do you have to lose?


K x