How to Embrace Valentine’s Day without the Cheese

valentines day without the cheese


So many people, my boyfriend included, write Valentine’s day off as another commercial money-grabbing marketing ploy. And I get it. But how sad is that? It’s just the same as Christmas in a way that we should all be looking below the surface and embracing the true meaning of Valentine’s. Or Galentines! If you’re single that does not mean this post isn’t for you! I recently wrote a mini post for Champney’s Spa, as part of their guide to Galentine’s Day, so head over and have a read if that’s tickling your fancy more than the traditional Valentine’s Day stuff.  Anyway, here’s a few of my little tips to really embrace Valentine’s Day without the cheese…

Buy a Card, and Fill it With Love

They’re everywhere, they can be as funny or as soppy as you like, and they are an inexpensive way to go out of your way to tell the person you are with how much they mean to you. Obviously to do this you need to wrote more than ‘ To Luke, Happy Valentine’s, from Kathleen’ inside. Fill the card with love. Whatever runs through your mind when you think of how much your partner adds to you life, just write it down. That might turn into more of a love letter, or it might just be one sentence, either way, words mean a lot, and they last a lifetime. I for one am super sentimental and always keep special cards to hopefully look back at when I’m old and frail. As cheesy as that might actually sound, I just think it’s nice.

Maybe even reminisce and put a few photo’s inside the card, I loved going through the archive of the last few years picking out these photos for this pst, and it brings back memories that I had otherwise completely forgotten about. As much as it’s great to focus on the present and look forward, I do love a good trip down memory lane. Oh the nostalgia!


valentines day


Give Real Time to Each Other

What is the one thing we are constantly spending, but can never buy back? You got it. Time. If you’re going to take one point from this post, let it be this one. I think we all underestimate the power of our time, and particularly the relatively small amount that we spend with loved ones. You might read that and think ‘but I live with my partner, we spend loads of time together’ but alas, that isn’t quite true. Spending time with someone isn’y just being in the same building as them, or sleeping next to them, or silently watching a screen at the same time. I mean that we should be truly being with each other this Valentine’s day. Whether that might be sitting at the dining table and talking over dinner rather than eating in front of the TV, or having a good cuddle in front of a film you both love and putting everything else to one side for the evening so there are no distractions. Time is worth it’s weight in gold, so make the most of every second you have with the person you love. This is really the main way that you can embrace Valentine’s Day without the cheese.




embrace valentines day without the cheese


Genuine Appreciation

Just like with Christmas, Valentine’s isn’t abut gifts. That side of it is simply commercialisation trying to rinse us out of every pound we’ve got and trick us into thinking an impulse buy of a £4.50 Rose shaped chocolate is money well spent and the secret to a happy relationship. I can tell you it’s not. If a gimmicky gift is up yours or your partners street then fill your boots, but it’s not the be all and end all. The important thing this Friday is to take time, as I said in the last post, and genuinely appreciate the person you’re with and everything you have in your life together. Whether it’s new and exciting relationship or your 15 year anniversary, there is something there special enough to make you both stay, so talk about what it is and show each other some appreciation.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


K x