It’s getting to that time of the year again- Thank God- where we all start swanning of on our jollies. Mine seems to have come around soooooo blooming quick from when I booked it back in January, but this time in 3 weeks i’ll be sat on the beach in Egypt, eating glorious food and most of all, chilling out.

missguided triangl bikini dupe

I’ve been lucky enough to go on holiday fairly regularly throughout my life, but this is my first proper holiday since I started my placement year and have been working full-time, and MAN is it going to be the best week ever. No peeling myself out of bed at the crack of dawn, no long commute, no hunching over a desk and staring into computer screen for 9 hours a day. No stress.

As you can tell I’m just a little bit excited. So I thought I better start going through my holiday checklist to make sure I’ve got everything I need, and in doing so, why not share few of my recent holiday purchases with you. The first of which, is a body chain I got super cheap on eBay, because thats going to make me look like Beyoncé while I’m on holiday, obvs.

If you can’t treat yourself to a few goodies here and there when your going on holiday, when can you? Bearing this in mind, I splurged on Misguided as soon as I saw the 25% off student discount banner. Ain’t no body stopping me from getting my hands on Misguided things when it’s full price, let alone 25% off. I’m going to feature everything I bought in outfit posts between now and my holiday posts, but I thought I needed to showcase my bikini’s beforehand. As an avid intagrammer, of course was desperado for a Triangl bikini, and to look like a Triangle girl, but I just couldn’t justify the price tag on something I’ll only wear a handful of times a year. This is where Misguided swooped to my rescue, giving me not one triangl lookalike, but 2. Yes, TWO. The neoprene zip front bandeau, which is definitely the more practical- i find bandaeu bikinis SO much more comfy, do you?- followed by their version of the netted triangle top. Absolute saviour, my bank account solutes you MG.

white block heel sandals

Obviously I’ll be taking my bargain white block-heeled sandals from New Look, as I’m literally obsessed with them at the moment, and I can’t see that changing in the next 3 weeks. Eeeeeee Hopefully this has started to get you all excited for your own holiday plans for the summer. If not, apologies for being annoying. Peace out.

K x