Having Me Time & Learning To Say No

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I feel like this past couple of weeks, since the clocks went back, have been really difficult for by body, and mind, to adjust too. I’m a winter baby through and through, and usually love the cosy dark nights, and still do, don’t get me wrong. But something about the transition this year seemed super intense, and it’s really brought my mood down. Has this happened for anyone else? I reckon it’s because we had such a good summer for once in the UK, and now it’s really flipped, and it’s a pretty big contrast. Mornings have gone from the sun beaming into my bedroom, to pure gloominess. And to top it off, it’s dark when I leave the office at night too. But I kinda like that, the cosy nights and all.  I guess I’m just not a real morning person, as much as I try to be.

“No is a complete sentence” Jane Fonda

Anyway, that’s enough of my moaning, what have I done to try and get past all this uneasiness? Me time. Good old me time. If I’m honest, all I have wanted to do so far this month is stay at home, light candles, and wrap up in trackies and blankets. I’ve even bailed on plans to do just that, and that’s ok. Despite beating myself up about flaking on my friends, I listened to my own body, and did what I needed to do. Everyone works in different ways, so getting in tune with yourself and learning the key to your own self care is vital, and sometimes that can be as simple as learning to say no.

learning to say nolearning to say no

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girl wearing topshop dungarees and nike internationalistgirl wearing topshop dungarees Learning to Say no

Being content, in my opinion, is so underrated. I’ve said it before here, but for me, it’s vital to my mental wellbeing. And lately it’s been a battle to feel it anywhere other than home, and at the cinema watching A Star is Born. In all seriousness, if you don’t feel happy to do something, then don’t do it. Within reason of course, but bailing on drinks just isn’t a big deal if the positives of how you feel at home outweigh what you’re missing out on. Learning to say no can be the saviour of your mental health.

Side Note: I loved the leaves in these shots, I think its the most autumnal thing I’ve posted so far, and I realised I need to make the most of autumn as it’s kind of flashed before my eyes and December is around the corner. Enjoying the rest of this season, in my pretty ‘boring’ way is what I’m going to focus on now. The hot chocolates have started happening too, which is always a way to feel more warm and content right?

K x