Goals for the last year of my twenties

West village street style


Today marks my 29th birthday. 29 entire trips around the sun. Which means only one more year until the next decade begins for me. I’d be lying saying all of those things doesn’t give me a slight twinge in my chest.. but at the same time, I’m actually super excited for my thirties, ‘they’ say that they are the best years of your life, and I’m excited! I thin by your late twenties you become much more comfortable with yourself, and know exactly who you are and what you do and don’t want in your life. So I amazon my thirties will be a continuum of that, which I am totally here for. 

But anyway, I’m not quite there yet, I still have one more year to go. So, what is the goal for my 29th yer before I hit the big one? I thought I’d put a round up of my goals for the final year of my twenties. Some quite specific, and some more general and over-arching life goals. Having a birthday so close to the new year means I’m really in that goal-setting mindset and so 


More Family Time

Specifically my own little family, the trio of myself, Luke and Winnie. There’s nothing I love more than a weekend just the 3 of us, long walks in the fresh air and escaping the noise of our day to day lives. It’s so good for the soul and I feel like it’s really what charges my batteries, so I want this to be a focus for me this year. Making special memories with the nearest and dearest.



An extension of the above, I really want o see new places. We all know the last couple of years, between Covid lockdowns and the cost of living crisis, it’s been all too easy to stay at home for one reason or the other. But now that 30 is in sight for me I really want to get out there and see more new places. I’m going to do a little mini-break inspiration round up post of all the places that are on my current lists to visit, to really get my travel-bug ignited and start planning for the year. Let’s rack up as many new places on the ‘been there’ list as possible- on a budget.


Invest in my Wardrobe

Something I’ve being working towards through my late twenties, buying a lot less, and much more considered purchases for my wardrobe. But starting to invest into more expensive high quality pieces that I really, really adore and will keep forever, is something I want to start doing. I know that pre-loved is a great way to do this in a really sustainable and circular way, and a more affordable way too, so I’ll definitely be looking into that and keeping my eye out for the right opportunities for me. Hopefully that perfect Burberry trench and Celine bag will be mine within the year- although in this economy, a girl can dream!


Train to run 10k Again

Since moving into our house and away from the city, I’ve totally fallen off the exercise bandwagon. There have been a few runs, yoga sessions and home workouts peppered into my life but nothing that I could even attempt to describe as consistent. Even though I know I feel so much better in myself when my fitness is better and I’m regularly getting my heart pumping and sweating like a pig. So before I turn 30 I want to get back into a healthy relationship with exercise and be able to comfortably run 10k again, and right now as I sit on the couch writing this, that definitely feels a very long way away!


So they’re the goals, that’s the idea, let’s see how I go!


K x