Gaining Perspective for your Mental Health

Gaining Perspective for your Mental HealthGaining Perspective for your Mental HealthGaining Perspective for your Mental Health

As you might know from my latest posts, Luke and I started this year by heading up to Edinburgh for a little city break over my birthday. We had such a lovely time and I honestly can’t wait to head back there one day, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to visit! While we were there, we were lucky enough to enjoy some really gorgeous winter sun, and took that as a perfect opportunity to head out and trek up to Arthur’s seat. What a way to spend my 26th birthday, the views were absolutely incredible. Granted I definitely was too scared to let go of the rocky ground at the summit as honestly, I have never felt winds like it. But nevertheless it was stunning, and so worth the windy climb.

Having that Birdseye view of a vast and bustling city really gives a true sense of perspective on your own life. Suddenly your worries seem like a drop in ocean, and you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, at least temporarily. And with that, you feel the sensation of crisp, cold air travelling into your lungs, you can feel the blood pumping around your body, and in that moment you are just happy to be alive and taking in that view. Your mind is clear. You’ve gained that oh so important perspective.

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Gaining Perspective for your Mental Health

Gaining Perspective for your Mental Health
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Calton Hill observatory was another huge moment of clarity for me, we popped up there on our last morning before travelling home, as luckily it was right near where we were staying. That’s where these shots were taken, and I would really recommend a wander up there if you visit Edinburgh. It’s not much of a climb, only a few steps and a slight hill, but still the views are breathtaking, and there are some really peaceful bench spots to sit and relax in  and just contemplate life.

I discussed back in October that I wanted to take more trips around the UK to get out and walk in the countryside, because it really does do wonders clearing my, pretty cluttered, mind and gaining perspective on whatever going on in my life. So starting my year with this Scottish trip was just a perfect way to start the year mentally. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, especially with the pressures of ‘New Year, New Me’ and all that jazz. Realistic we can’t walk up a big hill every day to keep us mentally sane, as I think that would actually be a bit insane, but personally thinking back to that perspective I gained on top of that hill and applying it to my day to day life when I can feel things all getting a bit much, really works in conjunction with some deep breaths to bring you back to that place where you can remember that your problems are a drop in the ocean in a big wide world, and whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. It will be fine.


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