Focusing on Skincare: The Evening Routine

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Last month I posted about my morning skincare routine, and now, you guessed it, it’s time for a post on the evening skincare routine too. There is a few of the same products dotted in here so I won’t ramble on about those too much and repeat myself. Or at least, I’ll really try.

Micellar Water is a basic staple that has been part of my night-time routine for years now, since the trusty old makeup wipes got the sack. If I’m honest, I don’t  actually use this daily anymore, only if I’m wearing more makeup than normal and find that my cleanser might not cut it to really get it all out of those pesky pores and lashes. But when I do reach for it, I know why it’s such a staple to have in my cupboard. It’s also something I always have a miniature of in to snatch when I travel anywhere and I’m not about to be lugging a full toiletry bag of my whole routine around with me.


Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm Evening Skincare Routine

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is a luxury that I was lucky enough to add to my routine after Christmas. I had seen a lot of people in the Blogosphere raving about this in the later half of 2018. Was it organic or strategic influencer marketing in the lead up to Christmas by Elemis? Who knows? But either way, I guess it worked, and deservedly so, as it is a beautiful product. The first thing you will notice with this if you give it a go is the smell. The fragrance is so luxurious and really does leave your senses feeling as though you’ve had a mini-facial in your own bathroom. It really is a touch of luxury in my skincare routine that makes me look forward to washing my face each night. If you’re on the market for a cleansing balm and want to really treat yourself, give this a try and whack it into your own evening skincare routine. You won’t regret it!

Origins Ginzing Brightening and De-puff Eye Cream




Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, as I mentioned in my morning routine, I find this eye cream really well suited to my skin as I’m not-so-blessed with pretty dark circles, to which this really helps brighten up. This has been the first thing I’ve ever tried from Origins, despite hearing rave reviews over the years, and following my love for this, I will definitely be trying some more of the range in the future.







Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Serum is another one that I’ve already talked about in my morning routine post, and I’m very much still loving this. I actually use this more religiously at night than in the mornings, as I think it’s the best time to apply a layer and let it sink in and do it’s thing overnight. As well as gently working to calm any blemishes down, I find it really helps the texture of my skin too. And, like with the Elemis cleanser, the scent of this serum is divine. Another product that is a bit of a treat in my routine and I bloomin’ love using it.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser is an old favourite of mine. I also dip in and out of using the matching pink grapefruit cream face wash when I feel my skin is being more problematic than normal (usually that time of the month). This pink grapefruit range is cheap and cheerful but for me really hits the spot. I have personally always found Neutrogena to be a great go-to brand when you’re in need if you have acne-prone skin like me. It’s no miracle worker (as that doesn’t exist), but the formulas are brilliant to treat your skin and keep any inflammations calm and hydrated, which is exactly what this moisturiser does. Whilst also smelling deliciously fresh and clean, which is just what you want when

Evening Skincare Routine Beauty Products Evening Skincare Routine

Radiance Enzymatic Serum Freshly Cosmetics Evening Skincare Routine



Freshly Cosmetics got in touch with me earlier this year to see if I was interested in trialing their Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum which sounded really interesting to me so I said yes! The brand is one that I hadn’t heard of it before they got in touch, but after doing a bit of research and finding out that they were 100% cruelty and toxic free, amongst being hot on sustainability with 100% recyclable packaging, I was really impressed

I’ve been using the serum in the evenings for the past month or so. The product description for this serum boasts quite a lot of goodness…“Deeply exfoliates and boosts skin renewal”“Treats acne, blackheads, open pores, blemishes and redness”“Reduces wrinkles, boosts smoothness and deeply moistures”.

I wouldn’t rush to buy this amid the miracle working claims, but am definitely really enjoying using it and I agree that it increases smoothness on the skin. It’s a really lovely product and you can for sure feel the sciencey- sounding ingredients getting to work in a way that isn’t abrasive like these products can so often be.

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm





Again, as with my Morning routine, Carmex is a staple of my evenings. I literally cannot get to sleep if I haven’t applied a good lip balm, the feel of dry lips just really irritates me. As dramatic as it sounds, it’s true, and I know many of us are on the same side with this one. Carmex is the best on the affordable market for me, and it’s something I always need to keep in my bed-side draw, and handbag alike. A true staple in my evening skincare routine.

Caudalie Blemish Serum Evening Skincare Routine

And that’s that, I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my routine! I’ve really enjoyed sharing these two posts actually, despite them being very different to my usual content. Do let me know if you’ve found it interesting and let me know what your go-to products are for getting un-ready, as I’m always eager to find something new to trial!


K x


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