Focus on your Goals

learn to focus

WARNING: Today’s post is a bit more personal than my usual content. I’m feeling like a spaghetti brain at the moment, so thought I would use my blog to clear some stuff up, I hope you don’t mind.

I’ve had time to think lately, which has been a rarity in my life for quite some time. I can’t work out whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, as having too much time to think has often lead me down dark roads, and no one wants to go there! More on that another day though. This time it’s different. I’ve had a around month “off” between finishing my placement year at the start of August, and moving back to university this week. I currently feel like I’m in some strange kind of limbo, wandering the house all day trying to find my purpose- that is, in-between finishing dreaded uni assignments, as it’s definitely impossible to focus on that all day!

Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve enjoyed having free time again, it’s allowed me to get back into actually reading blogs again, a luxury that I let slip all too often. I don’t know about you, but reading blogs leaves me feeling so inspired and motivated to create my own content. Inspiration is a weird one though isn’t it? I couldn’t even tell you how many blogs and youtube videos I’ve bookmarked to come back to for inspiration purposes. Surely I’m not the only one? When I read something that I really love and find inspiring it’s like a ball of energy goes off inside of me and suddenly I find myself actually getting sh*t done. I want to feel like that all the time, so from now on, I’m learning to focus.

I want to blog. “But, you already have a blog”, you might wonder. What I mean, is that I want to turn my blog my full time job. I want to work on my own clock, and in my own space, and do something that doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been lusting over the lifestyle of a full-time blogger for so long, and I suddenly realised that now is the time to stop lusting, and start working. From now on I’m going to focus on my own sh*t (not in a literal sense obviously, ew), rather than on other people’s, which I have consciously noticed myself doing far to often. I’ve written my little blog for 2 and a half years now, with a couple of gaps here and there for various reasons, and I know that it is not as easy as everyone thinks. Blogging is bloody hard work, especially when, like most of us, you are juggling it alongside another job, or uni or whatever it might be. So I know that I have got a huge uphill road to climb, but I honestly love writing my blog more than any of the other things I do in my life ‘work-wise’ and I don’t want to look back at my life and wish I’d have tried harder to ‘make it happen’. And with that, my lovely readers, I hope you all enjoy what’s coming. From now on, I’m giving it my best shot.

I’m sure there’s tonnes of people like me out there at the moment, striving and working for something that seems so far out of reach. All I want to do right now is be that little bit of inspiration to you so that you get your sh*t together, and get sh*t done.

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”– Abraham Maslow

You can thank me later (in the words of Drake). And hopefully I will too.

K x