Finding Your Happy Place

nicce sweatshirt happy place

nicce sweatshirt happy place

nicce sweatshirtlytham st annes uk seaside town happy place

The lovely team at NICCE sent me over this nude sweatshirt a couple of weeks back, and it was the perfect sweat to be able to cuddle up in when the wind got a little intense out by the sea. NICCE have got some great womens hoodies online at the moment, in-particular there’s a duck-egg version of this sweat which I need in my collection ASAP. And I’m honestly really impressed with the quality, they’re super soft and fleecy inside, so definitely head over and check them out if you’re in need of a good hoody.

Over the weekend, Luke and I headed over to Lytham St Anne’s on for a good old fashioned day at the beach. We were a complete cliché. We walked up and down and nosied at all of the cute little beach huts (I totally wasn’t jealous). Then we had fish and chips on the beach, on a checkered blanket, dodging seagulls of course. We then both bought over-priced ice-creams and strolled around for hours basking in the beautiful day that it was. And of course we both fell asleep in a quite spot and got sunburnt. Classic brits.

nicce sweatshirt

lytham st annes uk seaside town

nicce sweatshirt

I’m going to expose myself and admit that I have never been to Lytham before. Blackpool was always our seaside destination of choice as a child, and God only knows why we didn’t go 1 mile south to this beauty- nothing against Blackpool, but if you know, you know. It was super nostalgic for me to be able to see the Big Dipper and the Tower in the distance (you can see them in some of my pics if you look closely). First of all, when we arrived, neither of us could get over just how vast the beach was. It’s huge! Plus the tide was super far out, but that didn’t stop us. We were both determined to get out there and have a paddle, so off we went. I’m not exaggerating when I say it took us a good hour to walk out to the sea. There were quite a few sinking sand disasters on the way, but it was all fun and games, and I think we actually ended up getting some sort of free reflexology from all the sand markings we trekked over. Win, win hey? Although, slightly painful.

During the day I re-discovered, or maybe even discovered for the first time, just how amazing it is to be out in the open with nature, and only nature. Completely and utterly uninterrupted. No other people, no cars, no phones, no internet. All I could see was sand for miles, and a distant horizon line at sea. The only sound entering my ears being the waves crashing gently around my ankles. This all sounds so corny, but it was so refreshing. It really helps put your little world into perspective against the actual entire world, and how huge and powerful nature is, and just how helpless we all are to that. Even Luke, who is the least corny and spiritual person, turned to me and said he’d found his ‘happy place’.

NICCE sweatshirt

lytham st annes uk seaside town happy placenicce sweatshirt

Day to day life nowadays is so hectic, so busy, and so noisy, that it’s so easy to forget how peaceful being out in the open with no agenda, and no interruptions, is. Honestly, bar taking pictures, we had our cameras and phones away in our bags, and just embraced the elements. The sun, the wind, the fresh sea air. At risk of sounding a tad dramatic, it was enlightening. I think everyone needs to find their own happy place, and I think it’s human nature to find that in nature. You don’t need to go to the beach, it might be a quiet day at your local park, or a walk down the river, but whatever it is, its so valuable, and we need to be making more time in our lives to go there.

Lytham was so much more than I expected, and only an hours drive from Manchester! So if you live in the North West, definitely head over there whenever you get a chance this Summer. I mean, you’ve probably already been twenty-seven times already, it seems to just be me that’s living under a rock when it comes to these hidden gems to visit. Next on the list, Formby!

nicce sweatshirt

nicce sweatshirt

Please do let me know if you have any other recommendations of great places, not just beaches, to visit in the UK, who knows it could become my next happy place. I’m quite guilty of neglecting my own country, as there’s so many beautiful places to spend time in, and I’ve not visited anywhere near enough of them, so it’s time to start!

K x


This post is kindly sponsored by NICCE.