February recommendations: What to read, watch, and listen to

One thing I love is a good recommendation, because there’s nothing worse than starting a series and realising 2 episodes in that it’s not worth the time, or getting 100 pages into a book and finding it a slog to keep reading. Entertainment should be just that- entertaining! So I want to start sharing my monthly recommendations with you guys, from book recommendations, tv shows and music, to podcasts, recipes and brands. Whatever has stood out to me as in the past month, I’ll share it!

Read: It Ends With Us- Colleen Hoover

If you haven’t read this already, then this is my recommendation to you for February. I read this at the end of 2022 and really enjoyed it. There are definitely parts of the book that felt a little questionable and un realistic, but overall, I found it to be a really gripping read, and I doubt anybody can argue with that. Without giving too much away, the book is a serious read, and covers an emotionally complicated story centred around domestic violence. Just last week Blake Lively was announced to be playing the lead character,Lily, in the upcoming film adaptation, which has caused some what of a stir online with fans of the book due to the age difference between Blake, who is in her mid 30’s, and the main character who is only in her early 20’s. Whatever you think about that, I think knowing that a huge movie adaptation is on the way should be your reason to pick up a copy and get reading!

Watch: Severance

It’s been out for quite a while on AppleTV+, but we watched it pretty recently, and WOW. To be honest, everything we have watched so far on Apple TV has been really top notch, the production value is outstanding. Severance is no different. The acting is brilliant, and it is one of the most unique, and pretty scary, concepts I’ve seen. I don’t want to spoil anything, but all I can say is that it is worth sticking with, the first half of the series is quite slow while they set the scene, but once they’ve done that, the second half of the series is thrilling. I am so excited for season 2!

Listen: Working Hard, Hardly Working – Girls Gotta Eat

I mentioned Grace’s podcast in a recent posts sharing podcasts that will motivate you, but this time it’s a specific episode that I’m recommending, with the girls from another podcast ‘Girls Gotta Eat’. It is a totally different vibe to the usual business focus of Hardly Working, with a more casual girls bathroom’ type of chat, and it was so fun and refreshing to listen to. If you like candid conversational podcasts, which are extremely open in discussing everything, and I mean everything then this is for you.

Have you got any book recommendations, or film or TV shows? I feel like TV is in a bit of a drought at the moment, everything feels a bit rubbish, although everyone has been telling me to watch Happy Valley, so I might have to get on that this month, I’ll report back for sure if I do!

K x

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