Everything Has Changed

how things have changed







It’s been a while. And wow when I wrote my last blog post I did not have any idea what the world would be like around me when I hit publish the next time around. I’ve never known so much change so fast. And for everyone. A phrase I keep hearing on a loop is ‘we’re all in this together’, and naturally the HSM soundtrack bounds around my head and instantly puts me in a fab mood. In all seriousness, it really is a reassuring phrase to hear, at a time when we are all quite literally isolated from one another, and can’t even touch our friends with a bargepole.

I feel incredibly lucky at such a strange time, that I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge (when I can get a hold of it from the supermarket craziness!). I feel blessed to still have a job (as it stands), and for the fact that Luke and I live together, as I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people who live alone at this time, or even if you don’t live alone but are separated from your other half, it must be pretty rough and I feel so lucky to be in the position I am in. My anxiety is on a bit of a pendulum swing at the moment, as most people can probably relate to. We are living through a point in history that will no doubt be referenced for the rest of our lives.

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To be honest, as a natural introvert, and a real home bird that LOVES being at home, staying in isn’t actually bothering me. It’s pushing me to read more, watch comforting films (thanks Disney+ for the perfect timing), do jigsaws which I never get time to do normally but love, and enjoy my home and time with Luke without the pressure of getting out and doing cool things. But it is a conflicting feeling inside to love being at home but also this added notion of feeling trapped. That feeling along with the stressful trips to the supermarket, worrying about who else is there and what you’re touching. Not to mention the panic that sets in when running down the canal as someone else comes running towards you on a path that isn’t even 2 metres wide. But you are clearly both just desperate for fresh air and exercise, and it’s a necessity to stop yourself from going insane. Anyone else feeling that?




The internet is a Godsend throughout this time. Can you imagine if this happened pre-internet? No memes. No facetime. No streaming. Nightmare. It’s these little blessings to make being ‘trapped’ all the more enjoyable. So let’s make the most of that. And as I said, time to read is such a luxury that I usually override with ‘more important things’ need to be done. I’m reading ‘This is going to hurt’ at the minute, by Adam Kay, which is the diary of a Junior Doctor within the NHS, and it feels very apt reading it at this point in time, to bear in mind what a wonderful job our NHS do, and how bloody lucky we are to have them. We need to protect it at all costs, so please stay home! It’s also a really funny read if you fancy something a bit different, I’d definitely give it a go.


And on a lighter note, yes, I am still wearing my sleeping bag coat at every given opportunity. Even in this sunnier weather. I will be clinging ono this coat until the last days of spring, hopefully we won’t still be in isolation 

* note, these shots were taken a couple of weeks back when the UK was a relatively normal place to be. But from now, here’s to the new normal.



K x