Escaping to the Country

You might have seen on my instagram stories, or maybe my latest camera roll post, that in October Luke and I headed up to the Durham dales for a weeks countryside retreat. The north east is somewhere I’m ashamed to say I had never ventured to before this trip, and it was so much more epic than I had imagined. These shots were taken in Durham city centre by the river, but this was the only day of the week that we spent anywhere near civilisation, which was so bizarre, but so refreshing too.

We stayed on a lovely static caravan site which is, again, something I’ve not done before, at least not since I was a little toddler with lego hair. I didn’t quite know what to expect from that living situation either, but it was great. The caravan was a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom, and had a spacious living/ kitchen dining area for us all to chill in and cook dinners in the evening. And I can tell you, after a day out walking through that open countryside, breathing in that crisp fresh air, it is a God-send coming back to a toasty caravan and cooking a fresh evening meal with the family.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in city life and our everyday busy busy busy routines, and I know I’m all too guilty of getting too consumed by my own life. As soon as you remove yourself from your normal environment, however hectic that might be, it’s crazy how quickly your life all falls into perspective and you can start to gain a real clear view on all your worries, from the outside. Your worries seem so small and insignificant when you are stood in the vast all engulfing countryside, and its that kind of min-clearing refresh that I took from my week away in Durham.

When you are suddenly removed from the hustle and bustle that can cloud your mind, and surrounded only by the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, and the peaceful streams winding between the hills and trickling down into the river, the things that you find yourself stressing out about in normal life suddenly seem tiny and insignificant. It’s an instant relief. And it’s something I realised I need to give myself more time to do, rather than a once a year holiday, similar to what I discussed in my post about ‘the holiday state of mind‘.

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I wanted to write a little reminder post about the liberation of getting away into the countryside and clearing my head.  I can’t lie, I often get a bit stuffy and blinkered up in my little noggin, and so sussing out the type of ‘meditation’ that works for me has been a mission of mine for quite some time now, and I think I’ve really found it.

What works for you?


K x