DIARY ENTRY | Finding a Balance

Hello guys! You may have noticed a slower pace of posting around here lately, and that is all down to one thing… I’m in my final year at Uni. I know, I know, it’s no excuse! So many bloggers absolutely BOSS balancing a full time job, or uni, with blogging, and I have so much respect for them. I managed blogging along side of a full time job during my placement year, but it’s different now.

I always thought that coming back to uni would make my life so much easier to balance. Having so much ‘free’ time to work on my blog, sounds amazing right? But in reality, my workload and reading list this year requires more time than I even have to play with, and I know a lot of you reading this will understand the guilt that comes with being a student. So much of my time is ‘free’, but I can’t help but feel guilty if I spend it doing anything other than uni work, and it’s SO easy to fall behind. And once you’re behind, you’re behind, so best to keep up right?

I’ve realised that I need to prioritise my Uni work over everything else, as this year is 60% of my final degree mark (no big deal!). On top of that, there’s no second chances now. I will still aim to post at least once a week for the rest of this semester, and then over Christmas break I’m already planning out how I will dedicate a bit more time to backing up my posts and getting the momentum going again, as I love nothing more than blogging on here. I think quality over quantity is the main thing for me, I don’t want to jeopardise my standards just to get posts up on a set schedule, which is something that I hope you guys all understand. Love you all, Bye.

K x