Capricorn season

Manchester skyline Capricorn traits


Astrology has become a huge trend in the Millennial and Gen Z worlds over the past few years, I don’t know what the catalyst has been, but it’s positively huge. And I can’t lie, I myself am guilty of following multiple IG accounts that tell me exactly what my key personality traits are because of where the stars were when I was born. I have always been intrigued by astrology and star signs, I always read horoscopes in magazines growing up, I think because my mum was always into them my curiosity meant that I flocked to it naturally to see what she was so interested in. I found them so intriguing to learn about Capricorn traits and exciting that it could be a possible insight into what my week or month ahead might hold. A peak into my future if you will. It is all quite exciting, when the horoscope is positive, anyway!


I don’t feel like I know enough about them to truly get behind it and say I fully believe what star signs stand for, but one thing I do know, is right now, we are in Capricorn season, and by definition on my birthday, that is a bit of me. I have to admit I have always related to my star sign, I am a Capricorn down to a tea, and I honestly hate to admit that as I feel like it makes me such a cliché! But anyway, lets get to it and whizz through the Capricorn traits you might see in yourself if Capricorn season is your season too, the good, the bad and the ugly…



Probably the main trait of a Capricorn, they’ve got a lot of ambition and determination. Many workaholics are capricorns, and I know that to be true with the people I know born into Capricorn season. Focus on personal success is a serious personality trait for this sign.


Likes Responsibility

Capricorns like to take charge and be in control of a situation, being out of control and not having any responsibility over the situation we are in can be scary.



I guess this one ties into the ambitious thread, what can I say, Capricorns like to have nice things! They work hard and like to reap the materialistic rewards.



A.K.A. Over thinks and take everything to heart. The smallest comment can feel like a personal attack to a Capricorn. I think generally being sensitive is a great trait to have, mostly, but I do often think how much easier life could be if I wasn’t so bloody sensitive. 



A lovely trait to have… Not. Look, I said I’d highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly. CaprIcorns are guarded and can take time to warm up to people before they can start to open up. They can often come across to people they don’t know as intimidating and rude, but it’s just those guards that make them come across so cold initially. I promise we do warm up to the right people!



Never the optimist, but at least we aren’t pessimistic? Capricorns are real, we like to be prepared for the most likely situation and logical outcome, whilst managing our own expectations in all aspects of life. 


Are you a fellow Capricorn? Let me know if you see any of these traits in yourself this Capricorn season!


K x