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So Lucky Dawn O'Porter Ordinary People Diana Evans Sirens Joseph Knox

So Lucky Dawn O'Porter Ordinary People Diana Evans Sirens Joseph Knox

Ordinary people Diana Evans

Ordinary People – Diana Evans



Starting on a not-so-good foot here. This took me ages to read due to the overall narrative feeling quite slow, whilst encompassing a fairly dark and depressive undertone of emotion throughout. I read this a few months back now, but still remember the sadness I felt reading it, and the worry and anxiety it triggered in me about the possible paths that exist for the future of my relationship. This is ultimately why I rated it so low, I’m not saying that I don’t think it’s a good book, but it felt very negative throughout, which really makes me uncomfortable and was probably why I didn’t want to pick it up very often.

The lexicon however, is beautiful, and scene setting is crystal clear, which I really enjoyed, as well as the rhythmic flow of the writing, which attaches itself to a John Legend album throughout the book, which is a super unique touch that really gives the book an special edge. And it was so refreshing to read a British novel set whole-heartedly in a culture outside of my own.

All in all it’s a very well written book so if you enjoy linguistics then definitely give it a chance, but all I can say is be prepared to feel sad.






Joseph Knox Sirens thriller



Sirens – Joseph Knox



This story is essentially a crime thriller set in Manchester, which was the main thing that pulled me in to give this one a read, after reading a review on insta from my fellow Mancunian blogger Megan. Like Megan, I found it a fun little add-on when reading this that I knew all the places the book went to, and got all of the local references.

On top of the Mancunian backdrop, the story is one that is really quite gripping, following the inner workings of a criminal gang fronted by Zain Carver, an infamous drug lord in the city. There are a couple of slow sections, but on the most part, it’s a real page turner and I’d definitely read more from Knox.









Dawn O'Porter So Lucky



So Lucky- Dawn O’Porter



My first book of 2020! Hoorah! And what a way to start. I became a fan of Dawn O Porter last year when I read Paper Aeroplanes, and so when I saw this knocking about on socials, I knew I had to have a read for myself. It is a story following the intricacies of a few women living completely different lives which all intertwine within the story. I obviously don’t want to give anything away, as there are a few twists, turns and unexpected connections.

Ultimately it’s a heartwarming story, written in a way which is so relatable and emotive. An easy read, showing the vulnerable sides of modern women trying to   ‘ have it all’ and keep up appearances. A brutally honest narrative reminds us not to judge a book by it’s cover, so to speak. Or, by their instagram feeds.


So Lucky Dawn O'Porter Ordinary People Diana Evans Sirens Joseph Knox


I’ve upped my reading goal for 2020 and am loving the calmness it brings me, I’m so happy I forced myself back into the habit last year. So you can expect to see these mini reviews pretty often on my blog now 🙂 If you’ve got any recommendations, let me know! I’m always adding to me ‘to read’ list..


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