BooHoo Virgin

1. Burgundy Side Zip Trousers, £15

2. Tiger Face Body Suit– £12

3. Chain Buckle Belt, £5

4. Sofia Longline Rose Jumper, £20

5. Grey and Black Sleeved Crop Top, £8

6. Tartan Crop Top, £8

7. Black Leather Look Strappy Heels, £25

8. Waffle Crop Top, £12

9. Monochrome Aztec Trousers, £20

As you can see my window shopping is still going strong, I want to get my pay-day purchases perfect in a few weeks! Choosing the clothes that I’ll be taking back to Manchester for my second year at uni is a big deal, I need to be prepared for spontaneous, cold nights out, and I think BooHoo has a few picks that can help me on that front.

Whilst I’m talking about BooHoo, I have a bit of a confession to make, which some of you might find awful…

I’ve never bought anything from BooHoo. Not a single thing. I always pre-judged it as being poor quality due to the (incredible) low pricing, combined with seeing a few poor items that my friends had bought. Though I have kept my eye on them over the past year or so and I have noticed the fashion getting better, so has the quality too? Basically I’d love your re-assurance that BooHoo is a safe bet for me,  as I LOVE these A/W picks above!