Blogging Has Changed

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When I was editing my first outfit post of the year, I couldn’t help but notice, in the depths of my very anal folder organisation on my laptop, that my outfit photos are now spanning into their fifth year for 2017. My blog has existed across FIVE YEARS. After I got over the realisation of that, I started mulling over a few of my old outfit shots from back in the day. They’re far too embarrassing to re-share in this post (seriously cringe worthy to look back on I tell ‘ya). BUT without those awfully lit photos taken in my mums dining room, I wouldn’t have ever got to where I am today.

There are a tonne of bloggers out there that I look up to and make it clear to me that I have so much more to improve on to get to a place where I’m 100% happy with my own blog. But to be honest, as bloggers, do we ever get to that place? Is there always going to be something else that needs to evolve in our work? As you can tell, I’ve been thinking, and I thought I’d share the main things that I noticed had changed massively on the surface of blogging over the last five years.

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The obvious one. I’ve mentioned it already. Back in the day it really wasn’t out of the ordinary to post a blurry camera phone (not even necessarily an iPhone) mirror selfie on your blog. Can you even imagine doing that now? Absolute bloody madness! Then you flash forward to 2017 and all of the bloggers we idolise have legit photographers taking their ‘everyday’ outfit shots. Now this is by no means a bad thing, because they look FAB. And I won’t lie, I’m the first one to check out Sarah Ashcroft’s latest blog post, to gawp at how b-e-a-u-tiful the shots are, whilst roping my boyfriend outside to take my photos every weekend, hopelessly trying to follow suit. Part of me does miss the raw and innocent edge that used to be so present in fashion blogging though, now those images are barely even snapchat worthy are they?

layered sweatshirt

topshop puffer coat


You shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, I know, I know. But I have to admit I have clicked straight off of so many blogs within the first 3-5 seconds solely based on what it looks like at first glance. It’s bad, I know, but I’m just being honest and I reckon a lot of you do the same. Otherwise, why would so may of us be forking out for new slick layouts and blog designs? I’m guilty, I’ve implemented a new layout just this month, which I bloody love by the way. Back in 2013 though, I would NEVER have paid for a blog layout. Whats the point in that’ I can practically hear my 19 year old self saying.  Well, what is the point guys? You tell me, because I don’t know, but I love that it looks sassy.

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missguided mom jeans


When I started blogging, I used to always make sure I had the links for everything I was wearing in the post below, to make sure if anyone should ever want to buy anything, they could. Don’t you still do that I hear you ask? Yes, you’re right, I do, along with pretty much every other fashion blogger online. So this isn’t a huge change, but I do love how innocent it used to be (can you see a theme here?). Until quite recently in the scheme of things, I never really used affiliate links, but nowadays all of my links are just that. Again, it’s not a bad thing, and why shouldn’t bloggers gain some return on the traffic and sales they have the potential of generating for brands? It’s a great thing actually, but looking back, it’s cute how innocent we all used to be. Such a lovely bunch aren’t we!

topshop puffer coat

After rambling on about all the above changes we’ve seen, who knows what the next five years will bring n the fashion blogging arena? Will it still be such a big thing? Will we see some nostalgic throwbacks to the early days that will be seen as ‘edgy’? Who knows, but I’m excited to wait and see.

Anyway, onto this outfit… and I don’t know what it’s been like where you are, but the past week has been bloody freeeeeeeezing in Manchester. And I know, I  know, talking about the weather…. it’s pretty dull. But I just felt like I need to explain myself for wearing this coat in every other outfit post lately. It’s honestly like wearing a sleeping bag outside, so when the outside world doesn’t rise past 0 degrees all day, I’m not messing around. Who’s with me?

K x