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I, like most other girls, have a teeny weeny obsession with stationary, and there’s something about September that fills me with joy and allows me to go out and buy a glorious set of new stationary. This year was no exception as I’ll be swanning off back to manchester next week to start my final year at university, and so obviously I need a bunch of new stationary don’t I?!

The first thing I got was this grey leather embossed notebook from paperchase. I know it’s sad to say I fell in love with it when I saw it, because IT’S A NOTEBOOK, but it’s true. I’m a real organised geek at heart. And proud. Seriously though, how pretty is it? It’s the perfect size to carry around with me and has a magnetic fasten which is super practical. I’m going to use this as my day-to-day planner/organiser thingy, as I often waste so many pages of actual diaries, it makes more sense for me to write the date in myself as and when I need to. Also I like that I’m not constricted to a confined space per day, so I can make lists to my hearts content.

stationary haul project books

This next one might be a bit boring to you so I’ll get it over with. I picked these up in Wilko’s for £2.50 for the A4 size and £1.85 for A5. Sorry to all you people that have been ripped off by PUKKA and their project books for all these years (I was once one of those people), but Wilko’s do it better.

stationary haul

Now, sh*t is about to get serious. Fine liners were THE most desired stationary item of my High School years. Did anyone else get the ones that were in a plastic case that you could stand up on your desk? I loved those bad boys, but nowadays, would I really get enough use out of them to justify spending £5+ on one pack? That’s the dilemma I faced, as we aren’t all rolling in cash now, are we? You can imagine my joy when I saw these beauties marked at £2.50, (yes, £2.50!), in Wilko’s.  Straight in my basket.

These highlighters were a bit of a funky purchase as I just thought they were a bit different and had  bit of a twist on the standard, boring highlighter. I’m pretty excited to use them, and hopefully they’ll last, as there is nothing worse than a half-assed highlighter thats kinda ran out, but you try and use it anyway. Im sure you’ve all felt my pain on that one at some point.

How handy is this little brown book of sticky notes? It has loads of pages full of all different sizes and colours, which made me way more excited than it should of done if I’m completely honest, but we’re all friends here right? Anyway, at £1 in Willko’s, these were an obvious no brainer, der.

stationary haul

I don’t know about every other uni in the UK, but in Manchester you NEED a bus pass to make it through the year. Bit dramatic but you know what I mean, this baby makes life easier in Manchester. They come with little plastic blue travel pass holders, which I have happily sported for my past two years at uni. HOWEVER I have gone all out and treated myself to this swanky one from paper chase for my fourth and final year, which will hopefully be less easy to lose (fingers crossed).

For revision I love these little flash cards and find them super helpful, so I thought I’d get them ready now, and do these as I go along in my modules rather than cramming everything in exam season. They came in this little mini ring-binder which fastens shut which is also pretty helpful as those cards do have a habit of going walkabout, or is that just me? Anyway, these were super cheap, again from Wilkos, and they have mini subject dividers which is cute (and handy), so I’m hoping these are going to be very useful come uni-time.

chic stationary haul

stationary haul

stationary haul

Hallelujah for matching brown filing equipment (heart eye emoji moment). Some might say this is boring, but when I saw the folders, it was an instant yes from me (x factor style), never mind when I spotted the matching brown dividers AND these cute little brown notebooks to go in the front of each file for just 25p!!!! I think I better end this post before I get too excited over my folders and start babbling, because I totally haven’t done that already in this post.

K x


P.S. Incase you are wondering, I bought all of the above from Wilkos, apart from the Grey leather notebook and the buss pass holder which are from Paperchase as mentioned above.