August Camera Roll

I took a few days off to head back down south and stay with my Mum which was lovely. We went for a lovely Afternoon Tea at The Wood Norton which was a lovely treat.

What a cutie of a niece I have.

Manchester skyline

Summer skies in Manchester.

Of course being back home meant some doggie time.

And I went for a pretty big chop!

More doggie time. Spot the tired pup.

Obviously really happy about heading back to work after a few days holiday. The canal walks do make it a bit more enjoyable though.

Also got some lovely riverside runs in whilst back home.

ASOS denim dungarees

Got some amazing dungarees from ASOS. How cute?

The bank holiday weekend arrived, heatwave in tact, and it was glorious. A weekend full of blue skies, sun, rainbows and pride parties left right and centre. It was a blast <3

A final summer sunset. Roll on Autumn!


K x