August Camera Roll

Pink sunset skies Manchester bridge pink sunset skies Manchester palm treeman with Neapolitan pizza rudy's Manchester

August was the month we all saved money eating out, and so obviously my first port of call was Rudy’s Pizza. If you aren’t familiar with Rudy’s, I strongly recommend trying it if you’re a lover of true Neapolitan pizza. Look at it!

moonlit sky in Manchester pink sunset sky

From a moonlit to yet another pink sunset sky.

man on huge gorilla statue

We stumbled across this giant Gorilla in a garden centre this month, which Luke found very entertaining.

French bulldog watching tv

Dog sitting for a very warm pooch in the heatwave, so he lay down watching his friends on TV with an iced flannel on his back to keep him cool. So adorable!

man in white t-shirt and stone chinos in front of Beetham tower in Manchester King Street Manchester in august 2020 castlefield canal basin and railway bridges pink sunset skies

More sunset skies! I’m a sucker.

English bulldog in Manchester

Bootiful Babs! All tinted pink from the sunset.

purple daisy bush

Found a purple daisy bush and realised how much I need one of my own when I have a garden!

girl wearing mom jeans and linen top in Manchester street style photo

Finally got back outside to shoot for the blog which was great!

stormy Manchester skyline

Man how the weather switched on us.

girl in elevator selfie Rainbow over Manchester skyline

A huge rainbow came out over Manchester on the day that should have been the start of the Pride Weekend! A beautiful sight.

black pug in the city

Watching over a very sweet little black pug who got left in St.Annes Square, and waited very patiently, whilst his owner popped into Maccies. I don’t know how a dog owner can be so trusting but bless him he was so cute!

Dishoom menu

Made the most of the last day of August, and the end of EOTHO by filling up at Dishoom. Needless to say it was delightful as ever.

I have to say I’m quite excited to move into the Autumn months- mainly because I love layering up in all the cosy layers, and pass me the red wine, cheese, and scented candles PLEASE.  How was your August?


K x