topshop puffer coat

topshop puffer coat

All I’ve seen in the blogging/ youtube/ actual world over the past week or so has been New Years resolution and reflection type posts. I haven’t done one as such, but I am someone that likes to sit down every so often and write down what goals I’m aiming for in different aspects of my life. (I’m a huge list-lover in case you didn’t already know…)

As much as I thoroughly believe we all need goals, whether it be in our careers or our personal lives, I also think it’s a bit of a vicious circle f I’m completely honest, and I don’t think it’s always a good thing. After all, one day your goals might make you feel super-motivated and ready to take on the world (or year, as has been the talk lately) head on and smash those goals to pieces. But then what about those days where you need a (probably well-deserved) break… do you not feel like you’re hindering your potential in achieving your goal? Is it just me?

topshop puffer coat

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topshop puffer coat

topshop puffer coat

I’m wary of posting my goals on my blog out of pure fear that any of them are unrealistic, or that I won’t achieve them all or ‘smash them to pieces’ like everyone is saying they are going to do this week. I am someone that always tries look at things positively, it’s super important if you want to live a happy life, but I also despise naivety, you gotta be real people! I don’t want to feel like I’ve failed come December 2017, when I haven’t ticked all of the points off my list. Nobody knows what is around the corner in life, and at the end of the year you might have achieved a whole realm of things that didn’t even cross your mind as a resolution in January, and you’ll have completed those over ‘going for a run 4 times a week’ or ‘ not drinking wine every weekend’. What kind of life is that after all?!

Basically, after all the waffle, I’m trying to tell you not to get bogged down in resolutions, it’s good to have resolutions, but it also isn’t the end of the world if you don’t achieve everything you set out to do. After all, things change! The fashion industry revolves around change, the blogging community is constantly changing, as is our behaviour as a society, especially online. Because of that, the things you might be aiming towards might be very different come September for example, than they are now. So go with the flow, and as long as you can honestly say that you are working hard, and you’re happy (that’s always the most important thing), then you have nothing to be disappointed about.

topshop puffer coat

topshop puffer coat

In light of the above, I have put together a few general goals that I aim to keep in 2017, the methods of how I achieve them will fluctuate I’m sure, but I think we would all do well to follow these:

1. Do More

2. See More

3. Experience More

4. Be Positive

5. Be Happy

Let me know your views on the whole resolutions cliché, love it or hate it? 

K x


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