April Camera Roll

iced latte

Work from home attire ft. Iced Latte’s.

jigsawIf you saw my March camera roll, you’ll be familiar with this beast of a jigsaw… progress was made!

Friday night at the ‘pub’ continued…

coffee and açai bowlTrying to make breakfast time a bit more nutritious instead of having the usual crumpets everyday.

runningSalford quays waterfrontmedia cityMedia citysalford quays waterfront Getting the daily exercise in along the waterfront, pretty beautiful in the sunshine!

blue French bulldog Grease the musical social distancing uk supermarketsManchester canals Social quays waterfront Salford quays waterfront gnome island Salford Quays waterfront daily walkssalford quays waterfront swans geesesalford quays waterfront italy jigsaw

I finished it!!!! What a glorious moment!! jigsaw Obviously Luke wanted some of the glory too…The easter bunny arrived and laid a golden egg!

covid-19 street art covid-19 street art covid-19 street art al fresco breakfast in Manchester Reading in the sun became my favourite pastime.

social distancing uk supermarketswork from home style

Relishing in our outside space. Feeling very lucky that we have a balcony.

H&M sportswearI ordered a new gym set from H&M and and in love with the fit and cut of it! Definitely recommend!

The tragic reality of lockdown.


And that was April! An amalgamation of snapshots from my runs, and random snaps around the flat, and that’s all we can do at the minute. Feeling so grateful for the gorgeous weather we had in April, it definitely made getting up in the morning that bit easier. Hopefully May will have the chance to get outside a bit more? Who knows… Let’s see how we get on hey? Hope you’re all getting on ok!



K x