Adult Stuff That I Still Don’t Understand

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As a 24 year old, I have spent most of my life so far in education. You would think after 18 years of said education, I’d be pretty well equipped with knowledge and understanding of all the things you need to be an adult in this big ‘ole world… But instead it’s just one big adulting fail.

Yet there are still gaping holes in my knowledge of a lot of topics that I really should know about. All I can say at this point, is what on earth did people do without the internet? I’ve spent hours researching the below to try and wrap my head around them, an I can’t help but think that surely it would be more beneficial for these things to be taught in school.

Credit Scores

Sorry, but who is taking these scores, and how do I win? Ok, Ok I know the aim of the game is to have the best score, which you do by borrowing and paying back money on time. So long as you prove to the powers that be that you are sensible enough to borrow money, and not miss any re-payments, you should, in theory, have a fine credit score . But what I don’t understand, is why it is all such a secret game. How can I damage my score by just looking it up, I’m not doing anything bad there am I? And why do I need a credit card to prove I am good with money? Surely not actually needing a credit card shows a lot more? SO many questions, I need Martin Lewis in my life on the reg.

adulting fail

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I mean, I do know what a mortgage is obviously, but I don’t have a clue about interest rates or the ‘do’s and don’ts’. I understand that they’re the scheme you need to loan enough money to buy a house. Generally a 10% deposit of the property value, and then monthly repayments for 30-odd years until you can genuinely call your house your own. How exciting, what a thing to look forward to.

AND on a similar note…

Stamp Duty

I can’t even talk on this one, it’s a serious adulting fail as I have zero knowledge. Send help.

adulting fail

adulting fail

Physical Health

I know PE is a big part of the education system, technically, but I can’t remember actually being taught about the importance of looking after your body. Can you? It’s just basic biology, and then how to play netball. Maybe if the significance of exercise on your long term heath, and mental state, would have been drilled into me at a younger age I’d be more consistent with it now. Or maybe I’m making excuses. I guess we will never know.

adulting fail

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Self Motivation

When you grow up, you no longer have a parent or guardian there to push you along in life. Someone to put your daily routines in place, get you where you need to be, organise clubs and hobbies for you to go to. Just generally someone to look after you, organise you and take responsibility for your whereabouts. Now I can’t even get myself a local dentist, let alone to the appointment on Tuesday afternoon at 3:45 in 8 months time. Come on.

I haven’t even mentioned day to day motivation yet, and that’s where it can get really tough. When you’re a kid, there never seems to be a day when you don’t have a proper meal on the table, on time. Or a day where you could ever get away with anything less than being ILL sit as an excuse to not get something done. Whereas nowadays all I need to do is yawn and I’ll sack off the gym. This is a constant battle for me and I definitely want to work on and figure out.

adulting fail

adulting fail

So there we have, I’ve exposed my adulting fail of life so far. I’m sure many more things will come up as time goes on, but for now these are the main things that seem to perplexing me that had never crossed my mind until the last couple of years. Any help on the above will be very welcome, as I’m still pretty lost for the most part. Maybe I’ll elaborate on them in the future when I can hopefully impart some wisdom, but I need to gain the wisdom first. Wish me luck!

Till next time.

K x