A Crazy Few Months

New York Streets


It’s been way too long since I’ve been here, again…  guilty as charged. I fell off my blogging wagon back at the start of Spring as work got a little bit crazy, and I can’t lie, I just couldn’t juggle it all mentally. I just needed to be able to switch off from work, put my laptop away and zone out from anything that requires brain power completely. It’s a frustration every season when work ramps up as I know I’m going to drop the ball over here, but there’s no point beating myself up about it. We move!

Anyway, I feel like life has felt a little bit none stop since then! Like I said, work has been super busy, so I’ve had a lot going on in my day job, but there have been some fun things happening too! Luke and I finally went away to spend a week in New York, which has been at the top of our bucket list since we first got together- 10 long years ago- so it felt amazing to finally get to live that dream out. It was glorious, and everything you would expect from New York in the summer time. I visited New York briefly when I was 18, and have been so desperate to go back again with Luke, as he had never been before. Well, it’s safe to say it is both of our favourite cities now, for sure. To top the trip off, we got engaged! Our first full day away was our 10 year anniversary, and so Luke took the perfect opportunity to drop to one knee. It was honestly so perfect and definitely a day that I will never forget. All in all it was a very special trip, as you can imagine. I am planning a New York round up post to share some of my favourite snaps and share some of the little gems that we stumbled upon, because honestly we ate like Kings and Queens the entire week, the food there is SO good. So keep your eyes peeled for that recommendation post if you’re interested!

After we got back from New York we then went away for a few days in the Lakes which was the loveliest little trip away with family. Super chilled compared to the none stop energy in New York, so it was just what we needed to come back down to earth at that point. We hired boats in the sunshine on Windermere and just relished in all of the relaxing. The Lake District is honestly one of the most beautiful places in England, and we are so lucky that it is only about an hour away from us, so we definitely want to get back up there later this year.

We have also been spending a lot of time on little jobs in the house, as. when we moved in we went full steam ahead, decorated the entire house, and got loads done in a short space of time. But it’s safe to say the momentum dried up after those first few months, and particularly since we got Winnie, we really haven’t made any more progress. But now in the past few months we (well, mainly Luke), have cracked on and sorted us a spanking new patio area, and lots of other bits and bobs throughout the house. It definitely feels good to be ticking things off the long old list of ‘things to do on the house’, even though the list never seems to get smaller, only our bank accounts!

As well as all the craziness in my own day to day, the world has been an increasingly strange place to be and I’ve found myself getting more and more anxious to see the news. The overriding of Roe v Wade really hit me, as it did for so many people across the globe, and I’m struggling to come to terms with the increasingly polarised views that have been formed in this world. That on top of the horrific war in Ukraine, the terrifying looming environmental crisis and the collapse of the British government, everything has just been a lot, right?

All that being said, I have been working hard this year on building a more positive and grateful attitude to life, and not to be dramatic, but it’s probably saved me from my own mental health this year. So, back to the positives, I have got some posts planned and lined up for the rest of the summer and I’m honestly excited to be writing again, I really do miss blogging when all this time goes by. I’m a creative person and do feel like my 9-5 can often suck the life out of me, so having a creative outlet is a serious help to how I feel as a person. This blog is essentially a little journal for me to pour my brain onto the page and feel some light relief, and I miss reading other people’s too, so let me know if you’re still hanging around in these blogging corners and I will swing by.


K x