A Big Old Catch Up

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Wow, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? My life looks so different now to how it did last time I was blogging, at least properly blogging anyway. Lockdown stopped my old habits of shooting outfit pictures the way I used to, as it just suddenly felt so un-important in the grand scheme of things. And although I carried on with camera roll updates and so on throughout the past year and a half, I really feel like I haven’t truly been blogging since early 2020. And you know what, I really bloody miss it.

Part of the reason I’ve been so disconnected from madeinthe1990s is a bit of an overhaul in my lifestyle, which I’m sure a lot of you will relate to after the past 18 months. A lot has changed from my old routine, and old life really which blogging slotted right into. Working from home is a welcome addition to my working routine and, in theory, gives me more me-time, however after a day at home staring at a screen, I find all I want to do when 5pm comes around is get away from computers, and outside of my house! Anyone else get like that? So it can feel like a lot of pressure to go straight from one laptop to another for an evening shift on the blog, and over the past 18 months, that just ain’t been it!

Another big lifestyle change is that I’ve moved into my own house now, which you’ll know from my posts years ago, we had been working towards and searching for for such a long time, so it’s obviously been a dream. However, we no longer live in the city, which can make shooting with an aesthetically pleasing background quite difficult- unless your outfit goes well with the green green grass of the country! So it really has dropped of my radar completely since moving, and other than the odd outfit shot in the mirror before I leave the house (or go to the spare room to start work), I haven’t done anything fashion-y at all, which needs to change! I feel like I’ve really discovered my personal style so much more since lockdown begun, and I’m excited to actually start translating that back into my blog, it feels like a bit of a madeinthe1990s 2.0 is here (or 3.o, 4.0? Who’s counting after all these years?).


countryside dog walks sunset dog walks


Oh and just another small thing… I have a puppy now! If you follow me on instagram you’ll no doubt know that already (v. guilty of all the puppy spam),  but I’ve only just realised I haven’t actually posted anything over here at all since we brought our furry bear home in March. Any dog owners know it totally changes your lifestyle. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it definitely means my time isn’t as available to blog or shoot photos. It does mean you’re in for a treat if you enjoy cute dog pics, as I’m sure she will be a regular around here from now on, and I’ve already got some posts in the work on how everything has been for us with her so far, so keep you’re eyes peeled if that’s something you’re interested in.


autumn life update madeinthe1990s


As you can probably tell, I’m basically in a bit of a pickle with trying to adapt my blog into something I can keep up with in my lifestyle now and actually keep it as a priority of mine. Truth be told, the last few months I’ve felt a bit lost. Like I’ve lost myself, I don’t have anything in my week that is something I make time for just for me, and I think it’s important to have individual hobbies and me-time to keep a true sense of self. As much as I love my pup, Luke, my home, and am very grateful for work, I need something else to pour myself into on a daily basis. So I’m back! And hopefully on a somewhat regular basis.

I have a few posts written from the past few months that have gone un-posted so far, due to not feeling like I had any good enough imagery to go with them. So here’s to pulling my camera back out from the depths of storage and get shooting again. Interior content will be on it’s way too as we creep up to the one year anniversary of moving into our home, I’m excited to finally share the progress we’ve made over here, as well as the many(!) lessons we’ve learnt! Also, Autumn is my favourite styling season so I can’t miss another opportunity to shoot some oversized jackets, could I?

Hope to see you around here again,

K x