5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Home

5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Homeyoung woman wearing long grey coat and white trainers


Everyone’s in a bit of a weird place right now, and I don’t want this post to be a preachy ‘be productive and make the most out of quarantine’ vibe. I think everyone needs to go with their own flow at the moment. If you are in a headspace where you want to learn a new skill, pump out a load of content, start a new business, go ahead and be my guest (although the economy probs isn’t great for the latter), but on the contrary, if you want to stay in your pj’s all day and watch One Tree Hill re-runs on Amazon Prime (I may know someone who is doing that), then you go for it. And please do not feel guilty. There really is no right or wrong way to deal with the world we are living I right now- except for staying the f*ck inside, of course. Having said that, some of you, like myself, will still be working the day jobs from your own homes at the moment. I must say I never thought that I would miss my office, but turns out I kind of do! I think I’m coping pretty well working from home, as I am a total home-bird anyway as I mentioned in my last little catch up, so staying home is a pretty easy and enjoyable task for me. But work is definitely easier from the office for the most part. Anyway I thought it might be useful for me to share a few tips that I am following to make sure that I am staying productive whilst working from home.


5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Home

young woman wearing long grey coat and white Adidas trainers in Manchester street style





1. Routine.

You had one before, so you need one now. Granted it will be different, you have no commute (wahoo!), so you have more time in the morning to a) have a lie in or b) exercise. Or maybe just have a chilled morning and breakfast scenario before starting work. I must admit I’m loving my new routine, I’ve somehow managed to start getting up a bit early, and doing a quick yoga session or a run (if I can be bothered) before getting ready for my day. The yoga has really helped start the working day on a nice calm level and really helps set the vibe for the day.



2. Get Ready.

The temptation to stay in your pjs is a real perk at first, but it really isn’t going to do wonders for that productivity that you’re searching for. Now working in jeans is taking it too far, no one needs to be sitting round the house all day in jeans, but putting a shirt up top and some leggings down below works wonders, comfy but put-together for the video calls! And this weather is perfect for cracking the summer dresses out if you’ve got any, that’s always a trick that makes me feel better anyway, so could do a small wonder in quarantine. By way of make-up, I’m wearing nothing more than a dab of concealer at the minute. A small touch that makes me feel more human and ready for the day compared to being completely barefaced. Whatever works for you is the way forward, I know some people need to put their full face on to feel themselves and be productive when working from home, but personally I’m grabbing this opportunity to let my skin breathe, there’s got to be some benefits of self-isolation right?!

5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Homeyoung woman wearing long grey coat and white Adidas trainers in Manchester street style shot

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5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Home

young woman smiling in manchester wearing long grey wool coat





3. Have a proper set up.

My kitchen table has become my official desk (good job we never used it to actually eat, hey?), and I’ve had to move it to somewhere a bit brighter because the kitchen in my flat is quite dark and week one was a struggle! So test different places out, see what works best and makes you happiest as a place to sit all day, and once you’ve found it, set up camp and make that your working spot. No sliding onto the sofa for a few hours and having the TV on in the background, you won’t get half as much done. Stick to your new desk and you’ll reap the benefits. Although maybe not in your back- that is the main thing I’m struggling with physically- man, do I miss my office chair!


4. Turn off your notifications.

Social media doesn’t need to be part of your working day (unless that literally is your job, then you can just skip over this one). The main culprit for me was the WhatsApp group chats poppin’ off all day long, more so than usual because a lot of people are furloughed/ bored/ not productive whilst working from home. Turning off notifications means you forget about the chats until you want to join in. The downside is sometimes you have just missed too much to catch up, but you just have to cut your losses sometimes and thank your lucky stars you’ve had a productive day because of it.


5. Take it a step further and hide your phone (if you can).

I know this is a is a hard one because if, like me, your job involves phone/ video calls using your phone with colleagues throughout the day, then you need to have your phone handy. If this is the case for you, maybe just put your phone on loud and set it behind you so it’s just slightly out of sight, but it will still ring when those all important calls come in.

5 Tips for being Productive when Working from Home

And there we have it! 5 tips for being productive when working from home. I really hope these will help some of you out, as I know it can feel quite pressured sometimes and the guilt really hangs about if you don’t get through as much work as you think you should have. My mum always told me that as long as I had tried my best, then I should be proud, and that’s important to remember at the minute. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s ok, just don’t beat yourself up about it. 

Hope you are all getting on ok!

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K x


** Again, another disclaimer, these shots were actually taken over at the end of February (hence the coat), but I just haven’t had the time to get the content out as quickly as normal. Hoping to get this home work/home life balance sorted to a T soon. Probably will smash it just in time for normality to resume! Haha.