5 TV shows to get you feeling motivated

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The summer has been a bit of a washout in general hasn’t it? And Autumn is creeping ever closer and we will be in amongst the fallen leaves within weeks.. I can almost feel it. Anyway, the rainy summer has been a perfect breeding ground for some Netflix marathon weekends, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon, especially as we move into the second half of the year. I thought I’d put a post together of the motivating tv shows that I have watched that have stood out to me and made me feel good and spurred me on. I finished these shows feeling like I was ready to get up off my bum and go do something, something productive and something I love.

I try and refrain from getting sucked into TV series’ out of a worry of how much of my life it can, so quickly, consume. Sitting there mindlessly staring at a screen is something that I struggle to do, as I’ve mentioned many a time, such as here. I struggle to switch off and alway feel like I need to be doing something ‘productive’. So to find a happy medium, I’ve actually been watching some shows that don’t make me feel like I’m wasting my time. I even try to tell myself they’re ‘productive’.

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GIRLBOSS– I’m sure you’ve all read the zeitgeist book from the ultimate queen Sophia Amoruso, and if you haven’t, I strongly advise reading this before watching the show, as it really gives you that real life admiration going into it. If you don’t know, Sophia is the founder of NastyGal- yes, the now step-child of the boohoo empire, was born in a young girl’s bedroom in San Francisco selling charity shop gems on eBay. Hard to believe seeing the online giant it lives within now right? The show is a little cheesy at times but I was blinded by how badass Sophia is and the sheer coolness of her San Fran life. Never had I thought much about visiting San Francisco until watching this show and now it’s way up there and I am utterly in love with the place!

Good Girls Revolt– This is a bit of hidden gem in the world of Amazon Prime. I’ve written about it before in an older post of mine, but it’s definitely one to go back to and check it out if you want some female motivation. Or if you love the thought of 1970’s New York and the glorious fashion and electric vibe that comes along with that. The show explores the trials and tribulations that women faced during the women in work movement. It shows portrays the struggles in such a brilliant way and shows just how difficult it was for women to land a job they love, and made me feel so appreciative of all those fabulous women that took a stand and worked so hard before us, allowing me and the women around me to land our jobs today. It’s been one of the most motivating tv shows I’ve ever watched and I really felt that spark in my belly to go out there and work hard for what I want as a career woman in this world.

Stay Here– A Netflix mini series centred around Air BNB home make overs. If you, like me (and a tonne of the other people judging by the amount of home accounts popping up on the gram these days) love all things interiors, then this show is a must watch for you. This show made me want to be an Air BNB host. Honestly the interior design is 10/10 and has given me so much Inso and motivation for my own home (when I get one!). I haven’t heard many people talk about this show but I’m praying it comes back for a second season! It’s a real easy and light hearted watch, and at only half an hour per episode, it’s a great bedtime watch!

motivating tv shows

Master of None– A bit of a quirky watch, and one I find quite difficult to describe. It’s so much more than I expected when I started watching this. It follows Dev (Aziz Ansari) through the ups and downs of life as a 30-something finding his feet in the world, or more specifically, in New York City. The show explores the ups and downs of Dev’s love life, his friendships, his family and his career in a way that is beautifully artistic, yet hilariously funny. It is a really unique series, in which each and every episode is completely different. I would highly recommend.

My Next Guest with David Letterman– I haven’t actually watched all of these yet, but the ones I have seen I have been thoroughly enthralled. It’s kind of the same format of Piers Morgan’s life stories, but with a less annoying host. The people David interviews range from Kanye and Jay Z to Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres, and the show delves deep into the guest’s past and journey to success. I need to work my way through the rest of these, but I would definitely recommend having a browse through and having a watch of anyone that tickles your fancy.

I also need to give a shout out to Kathy Burke’s ‘ALL WOMAN’. It’s a mini documentary-series that has been on over the past few weeks on channel 4 and it is a MUST WATCH. Her feminism and love for women that are in control of their own bodies and lives is so admirable and empowering. Kathy is hilarious, and a complete Queen in her own right. Please do binge this on catch-up if you haven’t already and let me know what you think! I promise you will love it!

motivating tv shows

If you have any more motivating tv shows that you’ve watched then let me know in the comments, I love watching something that gives you a that get-up-and-go feeling afterwards. Also let me know if you have watched any of the above and let me know what you thought!

K x