3 Valentines day ideas on a budget

Valentines ideas

With Valentines Day fast approaching, it’s easy to feel the pressure to have grand romantic plans. Getting all glammed up, going to a fancy restaurant, having a dozen red roses delivered to you… the expectations are just not what it’s all about. I am torn where I sit with the whole Valentines thing, as I do find it all a bit consumerism gone mad when I see all of the teddy bears and plastic roses in the shops. However I can’t help feel a pang of sadness when people outright discount the holiday as a hallmark money making holiday. I think there is nothing wrong with having a universal date in the diary to make an effort and show some love to the person, or people, that mean the most to you, whoever that might be. And I have to admit, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so I really do love the excuse to have a date night. But now more than ever, it’s hard to really go above and beyond with fancy plans, and you really don’t need to. I’ve put together a few wholesome (& cheap!) valentines day ideas so that you can show some love and have a romantic Valentines date, without breaking the bank.

M&S dine in for 2

Luke and I have opted for this quite a few times in the past for a Valentines treat, and I’d totally recommend the M&S Dine in for 2 deal as an easy option for a Valentines day treat. It’s usually a starter, main, desert, side and a drink, all for £20. And the choices are usually pretty delicious, you know you can always rely on M&S for some good quality food! You could obviously go down this route with your other half, friend, or even by yourself, it’s a really easy and affordable way to add a bit of indulgence to your evening, whatever your Valentines day looks like.

Country walk & picnic

This is, of course, weather and time permitting, but if you have the day together and the weather allows, then a lovely countryside walk together is such a great way to spend the day. You can put the world to rights whilst being at one with nature and appreciating all of the beautiful views the countryside has to offer us. And then you could always go that extra mile and settle down for a cute picnic break full of your favourite little treats, maybe even a little glass of bubbly to make it extra special.

Movie night

Now, I don’t mean sitting on the sofa after work and scrolling through Netflix for half an hour before landing on something you kind of want to watch, and then scrolling through social media the whole way through. I’m talking a classic rom-com, popcorn, snacks, candles, blankets, the whole sha-bang. And no phones! Quality time together is so important, and our phones can really get in the way of that. I know rom-coms get a lot of slack these days, but for me, a nineties/ naughties rom-com is the most cosy thing I could ever watch, and is totally perfect for a relaxing and romantic night at home. Get your favourite snacks and maybe some nice drinks as a treat, and cosy up under a blanket and enjoy!

There you have it, 3 wholesome and affordable Valentines day ideas to try this Valentines! What are your plans this Valentines day?

K x