All I’ve heard people say about 2016 is about how terrible a year it has been. I’m not denying, it has been pretty damn tragic at times, Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harambe, Brexit, Trump (and the USA in general, that’s pretty tragic),  Brangelina( though I was always team Jen anyway, what comes around goes around in the words of JT), Prince, Wogan, Syria, George Michael, and the list could go on and on…. BUT, one thing I’ve tried to do this year is view things positively, so it’s the last day of the year and I’m not going to stop now. I’ve sat down and wrote down my top ten moments of the year. And doing so, I’ve realised, 2016 has been pretty f**king great.

1. Survived my final year of university and managed to somewhat retain my sanity. Can we all take a sec please. Notice this is top of my list… it was a bloody close call I tell you. Never underestimate a fashion degree.

2. Graduated from The University of Manchester. First Class with Honours. Yaaaaaas. The above stated struggle was worth it on results day I tell ya’. I have honestly never felt such elation in my life as to that moment I saw my results in black and white and I DID IT. Re-living it as I write this post, and looking back at the pictures (here), is honestly making me wobbly inside. Moral of this point is to never give up on yourself when things get tough. Nothing worth having comes easy, but when you achieve your goals it is all so, so worth it. The pain was temporary, but I will have my degree for the rest of my life. Shout out to all the power bitches out there.

3. Moved out of students-ville and into a beautiful flat in the city centre. Again… Yaaaaaas. Experiencing independence for the first time as a student is great and all, but it doesn’t half get old. 4 years of being a student in Fallowfield (if you know, you know) meant I was itching to live in a nice flat in town. Oh a girl can dream ey? But I did it this year. My rent on my student house was up in June and I threw myself, quite scarily, without a job, into a years lease on said new flat in town. A risky move I know but it all worked out in the end.

4. Landed, and started at, a graduate job within a month of my last exam. You knew this already as I just told you it all worked out. Job applications are tough, and it is pretty brutal suffering with rejection over and over again when you don’t even hear back from an application your spent hours putting together. The limbo between uni and your first job is a strange place, so I’m glad it didn’t last too long for me. Partly because I’m a complete stress-head and would probably explode with the uncertainty of the whole situation. Luckily in 2016 it wasn’t too long before I landed my graduate job, and I started work the following week. Fab!

5. As a result of the above, started to live completely independently, without a student loan *whoop whoop*. I’m now actually earning everything I own which feels great. Yes, the student loan was easy money compared to working full time, and loan day felt in-cred-ible, but it’s not the most flush budget in the world. Now I’m not earning big bucks at the moment or anything but it’s nice to have a bit more going on in my bank account than there was in my student/ overdraft days. I will happily wave that part of my life off with good-riddens.

6. Visited Dublin, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for-ever. Coming from an big Irish family, it’s mad to think I’ve never been to Dublin, and haven’t been to Ireland at all since I was really young. SO getting the chance to go, with some of my fave family members this year, was so much fun. We did the cringey wearing shamrock deely-boppers and glasses and all that jazz, but I loved the whole thing. The Irish have the most fun, they really do. I definitely want to go back in the not too distant future.

7. Won a blog competition scoring me £460 worth of shopping vouchers. KER-CHING. I know everyone says this, but I never win anything. Seriously. And £460 might not sound much to some people, but that is a lot of shopping to me, and was very much appreciated. Secretly hoping to continue my winning into 2017. Fingers crossed ey!

8. Jetted off on holiday with my best friend. After the mental stress of point 1 above, I needed a quick week of doing nothing in a warm climate to recoup. A week in GC (Gran Canaria, not Gemma Collins) was just what the doctor ordered, with the effortless company of my bessie. What a difference a week can make hey. I did a post back in August full of all the beautiful holiday snaps I got, you can see them here if you missed it.

9. Welcomed my first lickle nephew to the world. Being the baby of the family, I’ve been an auntie to two girls since I was 12, which has been amazing. But this October I got my first nephew and he is perfect. There’s nothing better than getting new family members, and I am a big baby fan, so this was definitely a highlight of the year, as you’d probably expect.

10. Had a lovely Christmas time, as always. I hope you all did too, and the Crimbo Limbo of course. I hope you’ve all had a chance to reflect on the good, or great, bits that 2016 has offered you, it really hasn’t been all bad. Chin-chin and bottoms up to 2017! Happy New Year all!

K x